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As a Home Economics pupil in primary school, I used to wonder what the place where the materials we used for practicals were made, looked like.

I can vividly remember my Home Economics teacher always made mention of Clothing and textile, as one of the branches of Home Economics, but that we were to get that elaborated in secondary school. Thus, I couldn’t wait to have this deeply discussed. Then in secondary school, I got the opportunity of seeing the picture of this place I have always imagined.

Well, textile industries in Nigeria are now at the peak of their success, since there are a lot of noteworthy African print production companies offering premium quality products; many of them are oriented to the external market. Of course, from here emerge our African prints. There are a lot of decent competitors in the market, but here are the top five African print production companies to patronize;

1. Da Viva Fashion LTD:

This is a brand offers not just fashion garments, accessories and bags but a lifestyle concept as well. The company’s products are a perfect mix of ground-breaking designs and vivid color solutions traditionally associated with authentic African fabrics.

Da Viva

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2. United Nigeria Textiles Plc:

This is one of the world class manufacturing plants. Its activities include the whole range from ginning to completing, including spinning and weaving. The ginning facility is proud to create the finest poly-cleaned cotton for high quality spinning.

United Nigerian Textiles

3. Reddi2Wear Nigeria Limited:

The company’s products range from premium-class Home Textiles, work and school uniforms and others. The company is staffed with the best professionals in Nigeria and aims to create edge-cutting, trendy and quality products at democratic prices for the Nigerian corporate market.


4. Chanrai Nigeria Limited:

The company’s specialization is to represent world-known manufacturers and enable them to trade in Nigeria where local sales traditions are essential. This successful business in Nigeria gives the company an opportunity to move into new markets.


5. African Textile Manufacturers Ltd (A.T.M.):

The company’s products are premium quality and used for trendy dress fabrics. The company is actively developing and capturing new markets including the Nigerian local market. The demand for these fabrics is very high both in the local and international market.


These African print production companies are actually second to none!

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