Hi Soon-to-be Mums!

Shopping this time is necessary for you, but lots of questions about maternity shopping arise this time. You ask questions like, ”How soon do I need to shop or get prepared for that period? Should I shop at once? Should I shop for that special occasion now?”. All these run through your mind.

Shopping for maternity clothes is tough. Discussing it is even tougher…lol.  Everybody “shows” differently and at different times, and we all gain weight in different places and at different rates. Whatever be the case, you still need to shop at this time. You’ve got no choice at all.

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Maternity clothes shopping

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These are the maternity clothes shopping commandments;

1.Endeavor to shop at the appropriate time: Shopping for maternity clothes should be done at the appropriate time. Don’t wait to a point where your bump is stopping you from buying cute clothes that fit properly.

2.Never allow yourself to be fixated on the “short life cycle” of maternity clothes:  It is true that clothes you buy in the first trimester might not fit for the duration of the third, but there’s no big deal. You still didn’t “waste” money on it, provided you got any wear out of it at all. You need clothes. You need to look presentable. You need to feel good about yourself. Besides, those clothes that probably didn’t fit at the first trimester could fit properly at postpartum.

3.Resist the urge to buy now for special events three or four months from now: 
When you buy clothes for that special event very early before time, you might not be pleased with how your choice fits or looks when it’s time for the occasion. If at all you splurge on a special-occasion maternity dress, offset your anxiety over the one-time-usefulness of it by wearing it whenever possible. You could rock it on date nights with your hubby.

4.Resist the urge to buy everything all at once: This is a bit hard because you think that’s the way to ensure that you get the most out of the clothing and your money. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. If you see something you just love right now, even though you don’t technically need it yet, buy it, but stop there. Try stuff on, marvel at that crazy pillow thing the maternity stores have, then go to the baby section and buy some cute socks instead.

Give yourself the relief by getting acquainted with the above maternity clothes shopping commandments!

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