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African and darker skinned women tend to age very well. An old saying has it that “ Black don’t crack”….lol. While it’s true that darker skin is less prone to wrinkling because of natural oils and ultra violet shielding melanin, there’s no denying that a good beauty routine also goes a long way in helping you look fresh and youthful after forty.

Beauty tips

Beauty tips

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Here are the top three beauty tips for women over forty;

1. Moisturize Hair Always: The African hair has been shown to be three times dryer than most types of hair. This means it breaks easily. Besides, many women of colour use harsh chemical relaxers, weaves and wear excessively tight braids on a regular basis thus, they are often faced with thin or damaged hair after clocking forty. Receding hairlines are also common during this time.

There’s good news for you; a professional shampoo and conditioner is needed. The next step is to target the scalp and deeply moisturizing it with a natural oil like jojoba, olive or coconut. Applying oil from root to tip on a regular basis will make your hair stronger and shinier.

2. Follow a Skin Care Regimen: One of the greatest health and beauty tips for black women over forty is to follow a good skin care regimen. Having darker skin has many benefits, dark skin is often very sensitive and can react negatively to many products causing skin discolourations and hyper pigmentation thus, regular beauty routine that starts with cleansing the skin with a mild facial cleanser intended for your skin type. Exfoliation is the next key. The skin cell turnover rate for black skin is two times faster than that of lighter skin. This means that black skin can easily start looking dull and ashy if you do not exfoliate on a regular basis. Exfoliation will make your skin glow. It is important to target any skin problems after exfoliation, with a quality eye cream, fade cream or oil minimizer.

3. Try Shea Butter: Shea butter is one of the best moisturizers around for African skin. It is long been used by African women to keep skin smooth and clear. Best in it natural unrefined form and imported from Africa, it is amazing for the skin. Unrefined shea butter is full of vitamins including vitamins D and E and is great for preventing wrinkles, blemishes, skin discolorations. It’s also a superb moisturizer and the perfect replacement for any expensive night cream.


Worry not woman, you can still look good with these beauty tips!

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