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There’s no clear cut definition of what it means to be fashionable, this is because everyone interprets this statement differently based on their personal experience or what they know to be true however while conversations around this definition comes off different there are also similarities stemming from what the dictionary meaning of “Minimal” is in the first place.

Now when you google the words minimal you get this meaning; “of a minimum amount” it means when something is less, diffident and in urban words “Not over the top”. Now, basing it off on these words you have a general information on how to call something minimal when you see it.

Hello World

Just like Toke Makinwa‘s look here; for the purpose of this post we are sharing with you how TM displays the true forms of a minimal look that still get’s you excited. In the above picture you can clearly see that she’s wearing a simple slogan T-shirt from high end brand Dolce & Gabanna, over a simple black legging. The look is complete with a pretty Prada Bag and Chanel shoe’s. The reason why the names of the brand is mentioned is to show you that even though she’s wearing pretty expensive pieces, it doesn’t even make the above look any less minimal. In other words you could be wearing Nkechi from Yaba and you would be able to pull off a look a chic and glam as Toke did in the above picture all you need to understand is concept.

So what are the concepts to styling a minimal look like Toke Makinwa’s? Well very simple – Keep your look MINIMAL. To get more insight, keep scrolling…

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