Tips to consider before choosing your wedding venue


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Here in FPN we have noticed that many of our beautiful sisters are getting engaged and our brothers are doing many more engaging nowadays, so we decided to help you guys with some preparations for your big day. The very first thing to consider when thinking of your big day is the “venue”, this question seems so easy but when you sit to think about it, you realize that choosing a venue for your wedding is not that easy. Here are some key tips we put together to help you with choosing the venue for your big day.

A Wedding Venue

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1. Your Personalities: Understanding your personality and that of your spouse is a very essential key in choosing your wedding venue, it would help you understand what exactly you would like, if you want a marquee,a hotel hall, a building event center, you would know if some certain patterns and styles thrill you.Understanding your personality would help you know if you want an outdoor by the pool venue, a venue to over look a nature serene or you want an indoor cozy venue and so on. Understanding your personality is vital and key.

2. Budget: Its important to know your budget, how much you have planned to spend on getting a venue, map this out and stick to it, you look for venues that fall within this cost.

3. Location: This is another very important key, you have to consider the location of your preferred venue, how far it is from your house, how easy and accessible it is to get there, is the area easy to locate for your friends and family coming for the occasion? All these are important questions to ask when choosing the location for your wedding venue.

Outdoor Wedding Venue

4. Hall Capacity: The number of guests you expecting is important when choosing your venue, if you expecting 1000 guest it would not be wise to get a venue for 500 as that venue would not accommodate your guests, its key to get a venue that would accommodate your guests.

5. Availability: You have thought of your personality, your desired location and the hall capacity you want, after this its advisable to find out if the venue you are stream lined to are available for the date of your wedding.

In Door Venue

In Door Venue

6. Packing Space: This is a very important factor, this is easy to be forgotten when choosing your wedding venue, you have to know the number of guest you expecting and try to approximate the number of people that would come with their vehicles and put this into great consideration as it would be displeasing to guest to park a distance from the venue and have to walk all the way.

7. Venue amenities: A lot of people tend to overlook this, but its highly important that one puts this into consideration, a venue can come with a special light ambiance, generator, table, chairs etc. its important you ask questions and know which of this venues have the amenities that you want, which would also help you save cost.

These are some important tips to choosing your venue for the big day, its important to do this on time so as not to be in a rush and end up not planning  properly.

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