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There is no crime in repeating an outfit, although the idea of repeating an outfit in the fashion world seems like a faux mouvement, we assume there is some sort of cardinal rule that just floats around that says we can’t repeat an outfit, if the style bloggers and the princess of wales do it you definitely and most certainly can and should. Repeating a particular outfit or look have certain unspoken rules backing them and below are some of the essentials you need to note to keep your look fresh.

Rules On Ways To Keep Your Outfit Fresh

The trick of repeating outfits is to have fresh ways to style them up, by this i mean you can change one look by adding trimmings that you did use before, some of the following tips should help

  1. Make it sparse, the more memorable your outfit ensemble is the less amount of time you can repeat it.
  2. Maximum of two weeks interval is required when you want to repeat an outfit or else  it becomes some sort of uniform.
  3. Try on a different look the next time around for example if you wore a dress with a belt before then next time pair it with a blazer.
  4. Think Like a stylist, that way you get to look like you have on separate distinct outfits when originally its just the same one you’ve simply re-worn.
  5. Inject color into your outfit, that way it has a different and refreshed appearance.
  6. Make use of different accessories to spice up your outfit every time.
  7. Make use of gender; either go with the ultra-feminine style or masculine inspired style with your shoes.

Top Style Bloggers And Their Re-fashioned Look.

Below is an array of how this top fashion bloggers rock their outfit in different

1. Irony Of Ashi


Irony Of Ashi 1

Hello World
irony of ashi 2

irony of ashi 2

2. The Daileigh


The Daileigh

The daileigh 2

The daileigh 2

3. Style Pantry 


Style Pantry

4. Awed By Moni


Awed by Moni

awed by moni

awed by moni

5. Shirley B 

Shirley B

Shirley B

6. J’adore Fashion


J’adore Fashion

7. She Recycles Fashion


Carmen Alexandra

carmen alexandra

Carmen Alexandra

8. Etsy

PicMonkey Collage


9. Prissy Savy

prissy savy

Prissy savy

Each of this style certainly look fresh each time around proving there in no shame in re-using your outfits more than once.

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