Being emotionally intimate with your partner does not necessarily mean only $3x, they are two different things and one is more important as it creates a long term relationship success. Everyone needs to be emotionally close with his/her partner because we sometimes need someone to trust and confide in. Though opening up to your partner to become intimate can be scary because of being hurt but at some point in your life you have to let go of that thought and open up to your partner. If you are in that mood thinking of how to inflate your emotional intimacy with your partner but still have such thought of being hurt, here are tips to help increase your emotional closeness with your partner;



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  1. Let go of your past: Open your mind to increasing the closeness with your partner and let go of your past pain. This could be your right partner, so don’t let the opportunity pass you.
  2. Learn to express yourself: Don’t hide things from your partner and let him know your true intentions. Listen to your partner after you have poured out your feelings to him honestly.
  3. Look for the best in each other: There are bounds to be some irritating habit that you should ignore and focus on his good sides. Everyone makes mistake, but partners have to forget about those mistakes so that they can get closer.
  4. Spend more time with your partner and go out on a date at least once a week:  It might sound as an old way but the truth is the more time you spend with your partner the more closer you become. Go out with your partner and make time for just the two of you, it gives room to enjoy new things together.
  5. Be honest: Lies can destroy a close relationship. be honest with your partner, share the bad and good moments together so that you can work together and resolve the issue. Even if it is your darkest secret, let your partner be aware of it.
  6. Don’t let fights stay longer than expected: Learn to forgive each other and resolve any fight between you two as soon as possible. The longer a fight lingers the worst it will get.
  7. Touching is important: Physical contact with your partner is also important as it enforces the close bond between you.
  8. Surprise eac hother once in a while: Showing unexpected signs of kindness and love can stop your relationship from being boring. Little things like this makes your partner feel they are appreciated.
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