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Having an office crush is the most normal thing that could happen to anybody, whether its you that has a crush on somebody or someone has a crush on you, it happens to the best of us and its not something to be ashamed of. But one thing about having a crush at the office is the fact that it can get a lot messier if proper caution is not taken.

There are so many things to consider when you are dealing with an office crush but this are perhaps the most technical of the lot, so if you find yourself in this position then this steps might go a long way to help you.


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How do you handle an office crush?

  1. Act Professional:  whether you are crushing on someone or vice versa you have to be able to stay professional because once you start behaving unprofessional things would get bad very quickly. By acting professional, you can put things in perspective and you can keep your job.
  2. Thick skin: You have to hold on to your feelings, own them and be firm because some people like to take advantage of people they suspect have a crush on them and its in our nature to dote on people we like but you have to remain firm so him/her would not walk all over you. Also make sure to keep your cool, be calm and collected
  3. Stop Dreaming: Its natural to steal a glance or two but make sure to you don’t stare dreamily at your crush, try to look away or else you would end up revealing your feelings plus its unprofessional.
  4. No Fantasy: Now when you have a crush, its only natural to fantasize about the person but make sure you keep your fantasies in fantasy land, don’t bring it to reality . Its important that you keep your feet firmly rooted in reality so as to separate your personal life from your professional life.
  5. If you think a relationship with your crush would be fine then you have to weigh in on the consequences of what you are about to do ask yourself questions like… Would it affect your job? what happens if it doesn’t work out? weigh in on the pros and cons of what you are about to get into.

Something office romances work out and sometimes they don’t so think wisely before you venture into anything.

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