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A lot of people usually think that it takes great courage to flaunt your natural hair. Well, there’s an atom of truth here. Not every lady is bold enough  to show off her natural hair, reason being that it could be badly damaged because we spend time on some classy hairstyles.

Another reason could be that the hair is extremely scantly; many of us can’t stand relaxing our hair and carrying it for two weeks to make it breathe. We all know that the relaxer will definitely shrink your hair, while stretching it and so certain people are uncomfortable with this fact.

Relaxed hair has taken a bad rap in the last couple of years. A lot of people have embraced and  fallen love with their natural kinky curly hair. Lately almost and every hair post you see is about natural hair, while chemically straightened hair gets no love, but some of us are still in love with creamy crack and the ease and versatility relaxers afford us.

While the chemicals in relaxers are damaging to the hair, with the right hair care routine, relaxed hair can flourish and be healthy. Yes! It’s actually very possible to still have that very healthy relaxed natural hair. It takes just a few hair care tips or routine.

Natuaral hair

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There are so many ideas on caring for the natural hair especially in its relaxed state, but Youtube vlogger Jazzy Jae shows us the best tips on how she cares for her own hair in this video.

Watch this video on how to grow and maintain your natural hair;

Source: Jazzie Jae


You’d equally say goodbye to hair breakage with these tips!

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