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When you have a pin straight weave, trying to achieve a curly or wavy hairstyle would seem like something that is not possible. Many of you have tried and failed to curl your straight weave to your satisfaction despite all the effort you put into it. Don’t stress because we’ve got some tips for you;


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Wet Styling

Many times when we attempt to curl a straight weave we are most certainly in a hurry to meet up with something. For example an event came up and you had a last minute mood swing, instead of carrying your straight weave like that you want something curly.

Step: Moisten your weave with a bit of water and coconut oil (or any superb weave oil). Twist into coils or roll into buns, finish with a bit of curl mousee. Cover with a scarf overnight.

The finished look would most likely be a a well textured coil or a beautfiful beachy wave.

Curling Iron

Curling iron’s are most certainly one of the obvious ways you can curl your straight weave but sometimes a little is required to make it stay strong and last longer. When you curl each selection, use a bobby pin to hold the coils in place. Once you are done with all the coiling release them from the pin and then gently seperate the coils with your finger. Finish off with a spritz hairspray.

The Right Products

Normally the strands of a straight hair is thin and therefore you can’t use too many hair products on it. Heavy cream and serum always weighs down the hair so you have to look for products that are best to keep and maintain the weave while you are still able to create a curl.

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