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The Havana twists are among the comfy and chicky hair style every lady would love to try out. They are similar to the Marley Twists although they are softer and fuller for chunkier twist. They are installed with special extension hair called the Havana Twist Hair.


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Knowing full well that our hair needs more attention this hot season, no lady would want her hair to look shabby or ooze badly. Besides, your hair could be itching badly. Thus, in a bid to lavishing that care on your Havana twists or pampering them, here are some trusted and easy maintenance tips for your beautiful Havana twist;

 1. Wash your twists using shampoo and conditioner just as you can do on box braids, Senegalese twists, and even micro braids and sewings.

 2. Also moisturize twists to make your hair  healthy. One of the tricks to doing this is to water down all of your hair styling products to effectively clean  and moisturize both scalp and hair.Using an applicator bottle with added water to your products is a great way to distribute your shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizer onto your hair and scalp without leaving behind product buildup.

3.   Squeezing each twist really good with a thick t-shirt or dry towel and sealing your twist with your oil of choice once you have finished washing and conditioning your Havana twist, is the way forward. Hair butters are optional to use but a liquid oil like olive or coconut oil would be a better choice for sealing in moisture.

All of these can be simply done at the comfort of your home in the shower.


Watch this video from YouTube Channel: #According to Brandi

Your twists are sure to smell nicely and glow with these easy maintenance tips.

Good luck!

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