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The Gele is a traditional Nigerian Headwrap. It is worn during special occasions as an accessory to the traditional attires. Gele is usually made out of heavy or stiff fabric that can be wrapped and moulded into a specific shape.

Fabrics from Switzerland and Austria are very popular, but the most popular and indigenous to the Yoruba is the aso oke. Aso Oke is originally a ceremonial fabric woven locally in Nigeria and is made up commonly of strands of cotton or silk.

Today, the gele, much like Nigerian traditional culture has been revamped and celebrated. An explosion of creativity, combined with our innate cultural pride means that women are treating the Gele not just as an accessory but sometimes as the main focus of their attire.

The gele is becoming more and more significant. As more Nigerian women take pride in their culture and traditions, the attire becomes a huge part of their lifestyle. Nigerian women take great pride in their appearance, and the gele is their crowning glory.

From the conservative styles to our ever fashionable crowns today, there is no doubt that the gele is a bold expression of femininity. This is a custom we hope never fade which is why we got gele lookbook for you to inspire your gele glam looks.

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We’ve got a favourite, what about you? Do share your favorite in this gele lookbook with us in the comment section.

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