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The wearing of scarfs by women is an old tradition in the African and other cultural settings. African’s indeed take pride in their scarfs and headgears, and for them they are indeed a crown of beauty.

Since the late nineteenth century and even today, the wearing of scarfs has been a fashion among elderly women mostly above the age of 50. Previously, younger women only wore scarfs based on their religious orientation, but today, the wearing of headscarf has become a fashion among both the young and the old.

One of the commonest headgears is the ‘gele’ which originated from Nigeria and has now drawn the attention of most Africans. It is a most important part of the traditional outfit among many Africans and has since found its way to other continents.

Geles are worn by African Women to complement their African Dress. A gele is usually the highlight of a look. A nicely tied gele can compensate for a not great looking outfit. A gele is categorised amongst African women as a must-have accessory. African women can be very particular on how they want their gele tied. Some enjoy them tied in degrees to stand extremely high while some like them tied in a more conservative way.

When tied geles are really entrancing and quite beautiful. Gele tying requires patience when doing it and is an art form. Every gele is unique and the same fashion cannot be achieved twice. The rule of thumb is the larger the fabric the more elaborate the look can be. However way you love your gele to be, here is lookbook for you…


Hello World

Click here to download zamanismakeover


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Click here to download adaweeya_yusuf

Have you got a favourite gele in this lookbook? Do share it with us in the comment section.

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