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Living in the modern life requires women to always look stunning. Especially if you have to meet special people every day, such as your clients, partners, or friends. You must give your best appearance to describe yourself first, before your attitude can tell people about you.

Gele can help you give the different and stunning looks, to show your respect to the people who invited you, especially when you are attending special events with a special appearance. It draws the eye up, rather than down. Modern women wear head wraps as a queen wears a crown. It represents far more than a piece of fabric on the head of a female. They are a common sight throughout parties.

In most cases, these parties require that you dress up and tie gele. The final look is always beautiful and a sight to behold, and it is one aspect of the western Nigerian culture that we don’t want to die down anytime soon.

Over the years, different types of gele materials have come in and out of trend, such as segoe, aso oke, Ankara, damask, etc but one thing is sure, whatever the material used, gele stands out. In this view, here is a gele lookbook for your pleasure….


Hello World






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