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It’s all about flaunting and fronting this weekend… Have you found your aso ebi style yet? If you haven’t you should click on this link. The gele style is the next step after you find the best aso ebi style and we are on hand to share ideas of spectacular styles that we know would give your face the necessary lift.

Gele’s are the cap to your owambe look; have you noticed that a native ensemble feels and looks empty without the gele, it doesn’t even matter that the hair on your hair is beautifully made, the incomplete-ness of the native attire is glaring without the headgear. This says a lot about the importance of the Gele head wrap and so asides from it being an important part of culture, it’s also a necessary addition for native fashion.

There are different types of gele head wraps and there are different fabrics you can use for these styles. In the guide book below you get to see the head wrap in different styles made with different textures and decorations of the aso oke fabric. These latest gele style ideas promises to lift your interest.

Unleash your inner style queen with these latest gele style ideas…

🌼Thursday Gele Styles | Guide Book 🌼


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