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Maintaining your natural hair can be a bit of a drag, the idea behind this post came to me because some how simultaneously two people around me who have been packing their natural hair decided to adorn wigs because they didn’t know which way to pack their hair. This got me thinking, there must be a whole lot of people out there that are in such a tight fix, so I’ve decided to put in this video from natural hair YouTube vlogger Angela Lauren where she shows off three quick everyday natural hairstyles.


Hello World

One thing about this tutorial is the fact that every hair type can get with the looks, all you need to do is watch and practice. For relaxed hair if you are the type that loves volume then you may need to attach weave or wool, if not then you are good to go.

Style 1

  • The first step to trying out this easy hairstyle is by moisturizing using a moisturizing cream,
  • Next you need to separate your hair into two parts in form of a zig zag,
  • Then moisturize your edges and separate them so you can brush one side back up into a puff,
  • Form your high puff anyhow you like it, mostly it should look like an Afro.

Style 2

  • As usual moisturize your hair and comb through,
  • Next divide into a side part and take off a section off front, hold down with a clip,
  • Pull the other sides and smooth down the edges with moisturizing,
  • Gather all your hair to the back and form a low bun, bobby pin all those extra hair that don’t hold,
  • For the hair in front, use a strong holding gel to relax the section, use a bobby pin to hold it down and smooth with gel.

Style 3

  • Use a softening butter cream,
  • Divide and create a side part, sectioning it.
  • Hold down the slim section with a band and then start with the bigger section
  • Hold down with a gel and start plating (Follow vloggers instruction if you can’t braid)


What do you think of this three everyday natural hairstyles? Would you try it and if so which would you want to try.

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