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Have you been in the situation where your zipper is stuck and you can’t do anything about it? Well I know I have and am sure you have been in such a situation too, what do you do when this happens? A zipper would always be a zipper and that means there would always be one issue or the other, whether its stuck or hooked or doesn’t hold still, this simple hacks should help you get rid of these issues in no time.

Stuck Zipper

Its super annoying when your zipper is stuck, the best way to fix this is using a No.2 or 2b pencil. This pencil contains soft graphite which would act as a lubricant. simply flip the garment inside out, then take the pencil and rub it around the metal teeth, make sure you rub it where its stuck and outside that area then try it, it is sure to work.



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Using Soap

Using Soap

Note: You can also use lubricants this is also really effective

The Zipper Won’t Hook

Many times zippers refuse to stay, especially on that day you want to wear you favorite jean. Many times this can be very embarrassing. The easiest way to fix this is using a key ring, simply slide it through the zipper and hook it on one of the buttons or you could use a rubber band.

Zipper won't hook

Zipper won’t hook

They Keep Popping Open or The Teeth Don’t Close 

Its so annoying when the teeth of your zipper won’t close, this might be due to a lot of reasons, you can use pencil or a bar of soap to help smooth the teeth so they’ll work and if this doesn’t work then grab a pliers and press the teeth back into place but first double check if there are no thread stuck in the teeth.

It won't close

Zipper won’t close

Note: If this doesn’t work then you need to get the zipper changed

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I hope this hacks would be able to save you from further embarrassment

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