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Have you ever found your mascara dry suddenly one morning? well it has happened to me. When I didn’t know this trick I found myself scraping the bottom of the tube, I was so upset because it wasn’t supposed to expire until a months time. After I found this trick there was no use getting upset I simply knew what to do when my mascara suddenly went cold and hard. Now this is what you need to do when you find that you are scrapping the bottom of your tube;

Mascara in water

Mascara in water

Hello World
  • First you have to make sure that the cap on the tube is close tight as you don’t want water sipping in.
  • Then place the tube into a cup of hot water and let it soak for three minutes, the heat would de-clump the dried up mascara inside the tube making it as good as new.
  • Then you can go head and apply the mascara as usual, the warmed up mascara would be more liquid making it easy to glide on your eye lashes.

So ladies try this mascara trick, you sure won’t regret it. it works like magic.

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