As someone that has quite a number of married friends I know how hard it is to keep up with a married friend, I remember the last time I visited a close friend who is a mother of two, she seemed so lonely to me and while we were talking she said it out. She has been trying hard to hang on to her friends but she is always so overwhelmed with house work, her kids, her husband etc so much that she doesn’t have a life anymore.

If you are like my overwhelmed friend and you want a bit of your old single life back (not that your new life is terrible…) then this tips should prove very useful to you;

Try to make time (at least attempt to).

This friendship is as important to your girlfriends as it is to you so even if you have to check in with a simple text message, bbm or watsapp message try to keep up with your friends even if you are surrounded by crying babies and a whining husband (the more reason to get a break).

Live Through your friends.

Your days of living carefree might be over but you can still relive this by hearing other people tale of what house party they attended and what went down.


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Nobody is competing.

Yes you are tired, you are always up at odd hours a day and so is your bestie (probably) just saying you don’t always have to rub this fact on their face s every time.

Treat yourself.

Many of us don’t have time for ourselves whether we are mothers or not, so once in a while go out with your buds, have a spa date etc just enjoy yourself.


Remember the hard truth.

Relationships change regardless of status so, so if you are trying your hardest and its not working or its not being reciprocated let go, you might still meet up down the road.

This tips would make you relate well with your single friends, do you have more tips that has worked for you? share in the comment box below. 

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