It’s a bother when you had a stressful week (weekend included) and then it’s Monday all of a sudden; what do you do when you didn’t get the proper rest and you have to head out to work? Most answers you would get would boil down to seemingly endless beauty tricks that you can employ to make your face look bright and alive but don’t think it is only limited to makeup tips and tricks because asides from makeup there are other ways that would make you look awake;

Well rested

Well rested

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  1. This might sound very funny but the fact that you wake up really early to exercise would wake up your organs so even if you had 4 hrs. of sleep, 15 minutes workout would give you an awake-looking glow.
  2. The right colors can give you an awake-looking glow, stay away from neutrals and solids because they would give you a gloom look instead. Also add cool and earth toned jewelry.
  3. The ice-cold water or spoon treatment works magic especially for those with eye-bags. Splashing cold water on your face shocks your brain and opens your eyes and for the spoon method simple place two silver spoon in the freezer the night before and then place them on your eyes the next morning.
  4. A pair of statement earrings would also do wonders to make your face pop.
  5. Fruits like lemon, grapefruit and orange have a smell that can wake up your senses simple sniff first then munch.

There are several other methods you can try out but I believe with this 5 you are covered and if this doesn’t work then throw on a sunglasses, it works all the time.

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