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Shoes can be our best friend and worst enemy at the same time but you know what you have to love it more and hate it less cause you can’t do without it. The thing about shoes is that its spicy hence you need to handle your feet with care so this is how you can save your feet this, this shoe hacks would save you;


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  • Whether you wear heels or flats there is something you must do and that is protecting your heels because flats have a tendency to dig into your skin. Protect your heels by rubbing clear deodorant on the spots that itch, the deodorant acts as a barrier between your heel and the leather.
  • If you have boots than you have to stretch them out because as you know its leather and it contrast. spritz a leather stretching spray then stretch it out by putting news papers inside the boot leave for a few days before wearing.
  • Pumps have a tendency to make your toes numb, i know this because it happens on a regular when you just get a new pair of shoes. To save your toes simply tape them together with a medical tape, this helps to reduce the strain.
  • I once fell down a flight of stairs because the sole of my slipper was very slippery, to avoid this feat get a sandpaper and scratch a bit off the surface.
  • I didn’t know how important heels caps were until I needed them so this my advice to you, get some before the caps on your favorite heel fall off.
  • Padding is really good and important, it saves and its comfortable I call it the shoe miracle (best invention ever, seriously for purposes like stealing your best friends gorgeous heels lol) and you can also get insoles for your flats that hurt.
  • Finally, sometimes no matter how hard you try you still end up getting blisters (that’s a bummer) not to worry though the miracle tea (Green tea by the way) would save you, treat your blisters by soaking your feet in a bowl of cool green tea, it works wonders.

What do you think of this shoe hacks, Leave your comments in the comment section below.

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