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I can’t count the number of times I’ve used the words am busy even when am not. Many times this is in fact unintentional because I do think am busy at one point but later in the day am made aware that I wouldn’t be as busy I assumed I would be but at this point I have already excused myself from a lunch break with a friend, a weekend get together or whatever occasion I’ve been invited to, so I end up taking on things that I didn’t need to add to my already cramped schedule.


Hello World

Until I read this an article about being addicted to being busy, I never imagined there would be a deeper reason here’s what I learned;

Ask yourself this question; When my friends I haven’t seen in a long time ask me how am doing do I reply in the manner of “So Busy” and  do I often preface my availability with the words “Am so busy next week but…”  if I get asked to a lunch date with friends


This admission means you are indeed in the cult of being addicted to being busy, here are 3 reasons why you might be scheduling yourself to the brink of insanity;

  1. Your Ego might be the cause of this, stemming from entrepreneurial worth many times employers don’t consider strategy and efficiency rather they derive satisfaction in seeing the endless hustle of workers. So we stay in this form of hustle to make it look like we are worthy.
  2. Many times, we feel guilty; sometimes we believe cramming up our schedules would make us seem and feel productive even if we should be doing less and preventing the inevitable burnout.
  3. Running around from appointment to appointment distracts us from some important things that we might need to attend to, many of us stay busy to avoid the silence but what we don’t know is we need the silence because it helps us think and keeps us productive, improves our memory and keep us aware.

Are you obsessed with being busy as a bee? Tell us why you think you are in the comment section below.

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