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I use coconut oil a lot and there are so many things you can achieve with coconut oil. I get asked a lot if there is anything coconut oil cannot do yes there is “it can’t stop you from growing grey hair” but it can most certainly replace this beauty products, so hey you get to save money;


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1.Tooth Paste

Coconut oil has anti-fungal properties so mixing it with one part baking soda helps to whiten your teeth, kill germs and freshen your breath.

2.Lip Balm

Chapped lips are a sore for sight plus they are painful, so if you’ve run out of lip balm and your lips are chapped and sore simply rub some on your lips. Since coconut oil contains vitamin E it promotes skin repair.


Its no use that coconut oil is good for the hair, but did you know you could use it as a leave-in-conditioner? Simply wash your hair like normal and rub a handful all over your hair.

4.Shaving Cream

When you’ve run out of shaving cream and you need that smooth shave then your coconut oil would come in handy, rub two tablespoons of coconut oil per leg, this is super easy plus your blade doesn’t get clogged.

5.Eye Makeup Remover

Its very important to get every last bit of makeup off your face before you go to bed, so your coconut oil comes in handy, simply dab a little on the cotton ball and remove.

Are there other things you’ve replaced with coconut oil? Share with us in the comment section below.

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