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Drinking One Gallon of water (16 cups) is so scary but considering your skin and the amount of hydration and moisture that you need  and the fact that the skin is made up of 60% water it only makes sense to try to keep it fresh. Am guilty of not drinking enough water and this has certainly had its effect on me but am on a new leave and here is what I hope might happen if  drink one gallon of water everyday;


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You May be Bloated In initially

Its only natural for you to be bloated, but this happens when you drink too much at once so take time, you can drink 1 cup every 30 minutes. Once your body gets use to this change it would become easier.

And You Would Have To Pee All The Time 

Once the bloating goes down what happens next is the flushing out of excess sodium in your body by constantly using the bathroom. Also you might be doing the other business too since your body can break down food easily.

You Might Eat Less

Drinking lots of water makes you fuller which would keep you from consuming food with too much calory.

Your Workout Would Be Better

Because water helps transport glucose and oxygen throughout your body, you would become instantly energized which means more workout time. Since it also acts like a lubricant your movement would be smother just make sure you drink water frequently 2 hours before workout and 20 minutes into.

You Might Loose A Few Pounds

Since drinking lots of water allows you to eat less then it simply means you would loose some pounds along the way. Plus you eliminate waste regularly so loosing weight comes with the effect of drinking water.

Your Under Eye Circle Might Just Go Away

Under eye circle is caused by retention of sodium water, so since water flushes out your excess salt your eye-bags might just reduce as well.

And You Would Crave More Water

Surprise! yes this is a good surprise because the more you drink the more you crave and the less you crave other beverages.

Would you get in the latest health craze? Share your thoughts below.

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