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Long distance relationships takes a toll on any relationship, someone once said to me “If you leave the country today consider our friendship over”. This statement might seem very harsh but lets take a minute to analyze long distance relationships, only 10% out of a 100% pull through and its either because it is necessary, luck or sheer hard work from both parties.

The statement it takes two to tango works well in long distance relations because if one person is willing to communicate and the other isn’t then that becomes a problem in the relationship. The partners or friends start to drift away and that’s the sign of the end.

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Hello World

Am in a long distance relationship and It’s been a year now but the problem is communication and he has moved to another place and has no internet but at least callings or texting which is something he doesn’t do and at times I call he won’t pick he just texts and says he found the missed calls now It’s been days since we talked. So for me distance doesn’t matter as long as we communicate properly he is going through a hard time yes but It’s no excuse communicating and he isn’t the kind of who would say I love you too because uve said you love him he feels he says it when he only wants so it really confuses me at times as to whether he could be cheating or not but he is the principled kynda guy he hersme curious at times as to whether am the playtime one or serious one

Dear Frustrated

You should make hay while the sun shines, it is clear you are frustrated and troubled but this feelings would not solve your problem. Take the step by calling your boyfriend, have a long discussion with him, tell him how you feel and how his attitude is affecting your relationship remind him how much you love him and see if he responds immediately. If after this talk he doesn’t budge or seems aloof then its time for you to pitch your tenth somewhere else because there is no reason for you to be tied down to a relationship that is going nowhere.


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