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Naturally, am really not obsessed with hair growth because I almost always have on one hair style of the other, for me its okay to allow my hair grow at its pace but for others around me its something else. I remember my sister used to obsess over her hair growth, I really can’t count how many times she chopped it off in other for it to grow out fresh, and every time she did, it didn’t really didn’t make a difference.


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I also have a friend whose natural hair is so soft and delicate that with any slight mistake her hair becomes damaged which would automatically make her start over again. Many of the people obsessed with hair growth either chopped their hair off “The big chop” to go natural or they just haven’t had a nice time growing out their hair.

There are several reason why obsessing over your natural hair growth is a waste of time but this is are some of the reasons you should know;

  • Length checks can drive you crazy literally because you are so obsessed with checking if your hair is growing its almost all you can think of.
  • Your obsession with hair growth can be time consuming and generally stressful.
  • Rather than focusing on having a healthy hair your obsession you would be focusing on hair growth as opposed to hair care.
  • Your obsession with hair growth would refuse you your regular trim which can be damaging to your hair.
  • Not trimming your hair can make it frizzy, helping it to tangle which would cause shedding when you comb through.

There are so many more reasons why you should stop obsessing about hair growth, but this reasons are enough to convince anyone. So my sister and friend have both learned to love the length of their hair even though its growing slowly but they can say they have a healthy hair which is way better.

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