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The natural hair movement among black women kicked off around 2011, but not everyone was super excited about growing out their nappy hair, there were indeed some people that thought is was crazy. Fast forward to 2016, the natural hair movement is only growing stronger, all my friends have either cut down their locks to grow out their natural hair or they’ve stopped relaxing.

For those of you newbies who want to join the natural hair culture, am here to give you a prospectus; Here you would see some of the things nobody tells you before joining the natural hair team if you are brave enough stay if not bye Felicia!

  • People would judge you based on your hair, their interactions with you would be based off your look, some people would think you are mean or frustrated while others would be in awe or afraid of it.


Hello World

  • Its nothing like relaxed hair, it can be painful and frustrating, especially for the working class woman who rolled out of bed with little time to get ready. All those pulling and tugging leaves you frustrated and out of breath.


  • Your natural hair is not magical so, this means it grows like every other hair and it damages when you don’t take care of it just like every other hair. So avoid looking like a hot mess by giving it proper loving.


  • Your hair has a mind of its own, so you have to try out different non damaging hair products till you find the one that suits your hair texture. Remember what is good for Aunty B might not be good for you so don’t expect your hair to look or act like hers.


  • Sometimes you might wake up in a matted mess or see yourself in a mirror and ask “am I still cute”. Some women can’t handle this phase only the strong would survive


  • Maintaining natural hair is pretty expensive, you would not be able to resist some exclusive products but If you don’t find a working solution you might find a hole has been made in your pocket.


  • Some days you would love your hair, but some days you would want to rush into a salon to relax it.


Being a naturalista is a challenge, is it worth it? share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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