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Relaxed hair is just as delicate as your natural hair, although it might not need as much nourishment and moisture like your unrelaxed hair but it needs protecting and that’s why there are steps you need to follow to keep your relaxed hair healthy. It is very important that your hair should be relaxed every 8 to 16 weeks depending on your hair texture because relaxing too often causes damage to your hair and scalp.


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It is also very important to wash and condition your hair once or twice a week, this is for ladies who leave their hair out, avoid using shampoo that contains  Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate and remember after shampooing and conditioning, comb your hair with a wide tooth comb.

For those who have to wash their hair more than once or twice a week, the best option is to CO wash (Conditioning only), you can do this on a daily basis.

Avoid heat drying your hair often especially when your hair is damaged allow your hair to air dry partially before using a blow dryer for the remaining part. For moisture look for a water based moisturizer they are the best for all types of hair, avoid moisturizers with petroleum and mineral oil.

Deep condition your hair every week to maintain the strength and to prevent hair damage, don’t brush your hair with hard bristles and remember to drink water regularly.

Our journey takes us to YouTube channel: SofreshDyamond, here she shows us how she cares for her relaxed hair.

Would you follow this routine, what other routine did you try that worked? Share with us by leaving your comment in the comment box below.

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