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Last week I had my nails done in deep peach, this week I’ve realized I want something soothing because of the heat and this brought me to my choice of pastel, but then what color in the pastel palette would suit my skin tone without looking awkward and completely wrong? Looking for a pastel toned nail polish color that would suit my skin tone was harder than I thought but I found the perfect one “Minted”.


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For many of you that don’t know what colors belong to the pastel palette let me help you out. Pastel colors are known as such because they come from shades that are referred to as soothing, smooth, cool, near neutral, washed out, milky etc. Colors that are popular in the pastel palate include baby blue, mauve, pink and so on. Below is a simply show of some pastel colors in the palette;

Pastel Shade

Pastel Shade

Asides from the pastel palette another popular choice for a soothing and relaxing color is white. Ladies that are dark skinned cannot go with the pastel shade that comes from brown like cream, sunshine etc this is because rather than giving you a refreshed look it falls back and looks very odd. Other colors you shouldn’t use would be pastel peach and cotton candy (very light pink). Colors that fall into the shade of blue and purple are the best.

Here is a sample of the pastel colors on the nails of a slightly dark skinned woman;


The pastel palette is a very earthly toned soothing look and its just the right color you need for your nails this week.

Have you tried any of the colors on the pastel palette? do you think this is the nail color you should have on this week?How well did it work for you? Lets know the details, leave your views in the comment section below.

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