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It’s already a known fact that all human beings are different and are made differently, this means we have different shapes, sizes and the list goes on. Therefore we have different features, but there are certainly a few feature’s a lot of people find hard to love hence they become self conscious.

One of the features that make a lot of people (men included) self-conscious is the facial features, and out of the many things one can get conscious about when it comes to the facial features, chubby cheeks and double chin are among one of the many issues people who are not comfortable with would love to get rid off.

Now it is actually correct if you say there is no spot-reduce fat but there are things that you can do on a routine basis that would help you loose all-round weight. So following this healthy tip would help you be rid of the “fat face”:

1. Reduce your intake of sodium by cutting down on salt, cut out 1500 milligrams of salt from your daily ingestion. Also cut down on the amount of sugar. Too much salt and sugar makes your water increase, so if you cut down on this two then you’ll notice an immediate change.


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2. Loosing weight is a process you take seriously, if you are serious than the next step would be to amp up your cardio routine. To loose weight fast you need to work out for 60 minutes at least 5 times in a week. instead of a steady workout switch up to work outs in intervals, this would help you burn calories up to 200 a day.


3. Yes cardio and working out would play a role no doubt, but for that to work well then you really need to change your diet and the first step is cutting back on a lot of processed food. Look for metabolism building food that would boost your immune system even when you eat breakfast, lunch,snack time and dinner.


4. Staying hydrated does a lot of wonders, it keeps headaches at bay, it helps you stay hydrated etc but for weight loss drinking a lot of water keeps you bloated, which would make you feel full enough to eat another bite of food. Add ginger or a slice of lemon or lemon juice to help detoxify you.


5. Sleep is good and its important to sleep because it helps you get the rest you need, it keeps your hormones in balance and it helps you think straight. Aim to sleep for 7 hours a day to achieve optimal rest that guarantee’s you fat burning potential.


This is how you can reduce your “face fat”, just follow the routine.

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