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Treat your eyes to the beauty of the yellow two piece according to these INFLUENCERS. Yellow is such a beautiful colour especially on black women, it’s like we invented the colour in the past and that’s because while it might look washed on other skin tone, our beautiful melanin filled skin brings out the beauty. It doesn’t even matter what shades you go for once you are able to style it properly then you know you’ve hit fashion gold.

This is how to wear a yellow two piece set according to Sai Sankoh, Palesa, Marii Pazz, Ola Slim, Chioma Good Hair and Ugonna Omeruo, keep reading to see.

Sai Sankoh

Sai Sankoh

Hello World

One thing that’s very visible about this look is the level of casual-ness; if that is a word. There’s nothing too elaborate about the combination, a simple high waist flare pants with a knotted T-shirt paired with cute golden accessories. Night time perfection.



Painted in a new light; Yellow like the rays of the sun- that’s the vibe this look gives. I mean Palesa literally comes alive in colour spotting a complete yellow ensemble that we are enamoured by.

Marii Pazz

Marii Pazz

This is so beautiful, standing here is Marii also killing the complete yellow combo with her fur mules, short two piece set, cute golden purse and mirrored sunglasses.

Ola Slim


Ola comes alive and we are seeing every part of her just by what she’s wearing. Wearing beautiful colours is something that she’s used to and this look right here shows off creativity, power and passion.

Chioma Good Hair


If ever you wanted to wear a two piece yellow combo then the traditional route is also an open option as you can clearly see from this combo. Remember to keep it simple and chic.

Ugonna Omeruo


This is refreshingly different from the above looks because it’s not total sun rays, there’s a touch of black to the look that gives it a mysterious finishing. We like.

Be Inspired!

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