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Call me a love guru but I have some useful relationship advice for you so pay close attention. Its very important that you appreciate the people in your life, as you know love is a complex emotion and when you are married there are a lot of aspects that you simply cannot overlook and one of these aspects is GRATITUDE. Gratitude, kindness and appreciation goes a long way in a relationship, love is not one sided and its important that you always remember this although in long term relationships this can be difficult but you need to take a step back and make your partner feel important. Well if you have no inkling about what to do: then pay attention because this is how to appreciate your partner:


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  • Saying nice things during hard times tells your partner that there is still affection coming from you, so there is no crime in overusing the word “I love you” or “thank you” even when you and your partner are in a disagreement.
  • “Sorry” is a word for our everyday life, so saying sorry when you do something unintentional or intentional is very important. Say it like you mean it (whether you mean it or not).
  • Many times in a relationship we wonder why we are with our partners but writing down the things you love about your partner helps. Make sure you write down the smallest things like helping with laundry and all that, when you are done you can give it to your partner and tell them how much you love them.
  • When we do little things we want to be acknowledged, likewise your partner so when they do something nice acknowledge them and if they forgot to do the right thing don’t berate them remind them but don’t remind them if they forget again because slowly they would break that bad habit.
  • Always compliment your spouse because giving each other compliments on a regular basis helps communication level and remember your spouse could be stressed and that compliments would help them get though out the day.
  • When you are saying thank you make sure to be specific like “Bea am so happy you helped me iron, thank you” or “I know i can be a pain boo, thank you” etc. this goes a long way trust me.
  • Also be very specific with your” I’m Sorry” and then remember to tell them you would make an effort to change because you realize how sensitive the situation is to them.
  • Share responsibilities, people do not understand how choking responsibilities can be. Remember marriage is a partnership where you each have to help each other so ladies help your man wash his car and men help bea do the laundry sometime. This is how you appreciate your partner.

Ladies and Gentlemen do not ignore this, it would fix your relationship in more ways than you can imagine, remember appreciating your partner doesn’t make you weaker rather it makes you stronger.

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