How the person sitting next to you affects your productivity you wonder, well thanks to science you can find out; Every morning when we go to work we mentally organize and prioritize whatever we do (I do this every morning and if you don’t you should start)e..g you need to finish that presentation but somehow you get lost in the webs of instagram, while you look to the side you can see that your seatmate Uche is super focused this is a reminder that you need to get back to work.

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Researchers have found that the person who seats next to you in the office has a lot to do with how productive you are. The quality of work and the effort you put in a given day can be directly impacted by who you seat next to at work.

In other words if Uche is busy crunching numbers and sending bunch of emails every second per second then her attitude and focus would rub off on you too. While you can be impacted positively you can also be impacted negative e.g if in reality Uche is the one engrossed in Instagram she might want to show you the funny videos she’s watching causing you to loose focus at work and so the volume of your work input would be negative.

What we can learn from this findings which if you think about it is as true as the sun shinning in the morning is that you should choose a seat mate wisely especially if you get distracted easily.

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