Happy International Women’s Day!!! everyone

This is to celebrate how strong and resilient we are in achieving our goals no matter what it is, I say congratulations to our mothers, grandmothers, aunties, sisters out there that show us what it takes to be a woman, a leader and a survivor.

Being a woman is not easy you have to work harder for everything but that is fine because we were built to survive every journey. Strong women who became leaders all have one thing in common and that’s determination, they determined to show how strong their are and so they strive and worked to achieve what they have today.

Just like this women we have goals but it takes action to be able to achieve it, procrastination doesn’t get anybody anywhere rather see your vision and act on it. Having a vision board is a common practice among determined women, this is how they achieve their goals. Not everyone knows the rudiments of a vision board, first you need to know that the board is physical, something you can view at any time, next this is how you go about creating one;

Lucinda Cross

Hello World

  • Set your intent by focusing on what you want to do and how you would go about achieving it.
  • Define your vision by visualizing on what you want to achieve and how you feel about what your goals, imagine your life and your plans.
  • Your imaginations are based on real facts so begin to gather momentum for your imaginary and pin them on your vision bard.
  • A self portrait should also be attached to your board, this gets you to look at yourself and think about what you are about to achieve. It would motivate you further.
  • Rome was not built in a day, achieving your goal may take time so instead of hurrying and ruining your chances, take your time, be patient.
  • Making your vision board is as important as hanging it, it needs to be placed in a central position where you can see it. you can make it your laptop and phone wall paper as well. Remember to write the date in which you created it and watch how quickly you achieve it.

How do you achieve each goal you set out for yourself? Do you use a vision board? Share your tips in the comment section below. 

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