I love painting my nails at home, I just sit in front of the TV in my easy clothes and chill and the fact that when I do it myself it cost nothing is all the motivation I need. Painting your nails at home is also faster, this are the thoughts that inspire us at first but then comes the anxiety of smudges or mistakenly messing it up (this by the way is so annoying because it just becomes a whole lot of mess that you are just not ready to deal with).


Hello World

So here are a few pointers that would make painting your nails at home as easy as should be;

  1. You know when you paint over your nails and there are smudges at the edge, you automatically want to clean them so then you use your thumb, this simply goes to show that your thumb is necessary in this process so slowly work on the other fingers first (on both fingers) before you work on your thumbs.
  2. I remember when I painted my friends finger and she went “O, see what you’ve done, you let paint slide to the edge” So the paint went on to her skin and she assumed it wasn’t a neat job but I had to tell her not to worry because a little paint on the skin would wash off after a bath. It just falls off, you might not even notice when it does.
  3. When painting your nails don’t be afraid of your non dominant hand (the hand that hols the brush) rather make both hands work together and ensure that they are equally polished by keeping your non-dominant hand in one place and then moving your dominant hand to catch the paint underneath.


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