“Out with the old, in with the new” is one of my favourite quotes and it works perfectly well at this time because once again we are celebrating the turn of another new year where we have resolved to be better and bolder in every aspects of our lives. The step to a better and bolder “you” all starts with actually taken a step forward, this means you consciously make an effort to do things better than before.

Doing things better than before demonstrates your need to stand out and this should encompass your entirety, wardrobe included. We’ve dished out do many tips this week already on how to look perfect for the New Year, leaving out our look to church would be a faux pas; why? well because we believe that our church outfit should also get a face lift this New Year.

Since you have set your sights on an upgrade this year, our church outfit ideas have also received an edit that we know you would totally love. 2017 fashion trends are still in, however you can do yourself a solid if you spice it up a little. Here are some of the church outfit ideas that we have for you.

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Black and white strip… Midi-Dress & Palazzo Jumpsuit.


Hello World


Pants… and More pants. Ruffled Culottes & High waist straight cut.



Ruffles are everything… Ruffled one tone bohemian & a Ruffled floral bell sleeve bohemian dress 



This looks are comfortable and satisfying. Be Inspired!

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