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Its normal practice to rehearsing before a job interview, we read books and listen to audio tapes about which way is best when answering interview questions but then there are certain words that we might use that would give off a bad impression. You might not notice but the interviewer is trained to pick up every word you say mannerism included, hence you should stay away from this five words because they can jeopardize your job interview:


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  1. Nervous: When asked if you are nervous, you refrain by answering with a confident smile, right at this moment the mantra”honesty is the best policy is a dangerous gun pointed at you”.
  2. Money : Company’s are always on the lookout for people that are work driven, if you drop the M bomb too soon in the interview they would automatically assume you are more concerned about money than the real work. So leave the money matter for the next stage of the interview.
  3. Benefits: Just as talking about money is dicey so is talking about benefits;  so rather than talk about how you love their every last Friday of the month official day off or their free lunch talk about what value your skill can add to their company.
  4. Sick: Avoid the health talk, they didn’t ask you so avoid talking about your health whether you recently had flu or not is not their concern . Talking about sickness is like admitting that it affects your work.
  5. Mistake : Interviewers always ask what mistakes you have made in the past, remember ” do not repeat the keyword (Mistake) rather use words like Experience or lessons.

This 5 words can jeopardize your job interview, what other words do you think can jeopardize your job interview, you can help someone with your past experience, share in the comment box below.

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