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I recently met a senior at one of the big accounting firms, I for one am a petite individual but this lady was way smaller than me (envision Ariana Grande). When I met her, I didn’t have a clue how far she had gone up the ladder at her firm, I safely assumed she was in the same level with my close friend but the way she talked and moved made me think otherwise.

I was later made aware of what level and position she had attained at her firm and at such a young age, this got me thinking. I’ve been mistaking for a student times without number everywhere else but if that mistake happens in a professional environment that means there is a problem because this automatically transforms to a person being inexperienced which network wise, is not a good look.


Hello World

So the question is how to get people to see you as experienced without having to wear black outfits and heavy makeup all the time? Very easy, you need to stay clear of certain phrases when you speak. This 5 phrases makes you look inexperienced;

1. “I don’t Know” : Never let on that you don’t know the answer, instead mention that you are handling it and would confirm details very soon. This way your colleagues would believe you have things under control.

2. “I and Me” : Taking this words out of your daily use e.g emails helps you come off as authoritative which is not a bad thing in a professional environment.

3. “I have to ask my boss” : Indeed there are times when you truly have to ask your boss but saying this out loud makes you sound inferior, rather say you’ll circle the answer shortly.

4. “I can meet at whatever time works for you” : You are no longer an intern which translates to the fact that now you are a busy human, so when someone ask you for a meeting you should answer with available slot options.

5. “I’ll Try” : The fact that someone says this word means there would be no positive feed back and this makes you seem like you don’t have the power to do anything so I suggest you cease using this phrase from now on.


Have you had this type of experience? What worked for you? Leave your comments in the comment box below.

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