As a career woman your main goal is to “grow” and one of the ways to do this is to be skillful. Now growth and leadership work hand in hand and there is no doubt that your confidence and passion are two important factors that boost your growth in an organization but asides this two factors there is another factor that is often over-looked and this is “Influence”.

Power and Influence mainly go together, so your ability to influence others in the workplace whether they are below or above you is a trait found in leaders. This trait would help you transition from a simple worker to a manager and this is because around your office people look up to you and your opinions matter.

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If you are one of those women who struggles when it comes to meeting, if you are one of those who ind it had t communicate or be heard, here is how you can fast-track your promotion. This 3 ways would make you more influential at work (yup its time to say Adieu to mediocrity);

  1. Challenging task has been found as a mans forte, a study shows that men relish in taking up task that they might not necessarily be qualified to handle while women shy away from such task. The key to being influential is leaning towards more challenging day-to-day task .
  2. To be an influence you must practice two forms of communication style; Communal which is a receptive and caring, Argentic which is perceived as a aggressive and seen as assertive. Make to adjust your communication skill to fall in line with the occasion and always be self aware
  3. Seek to boost your knowledge everyday, you don’t have to wait for any formal training try listening to things like industry podcast or subscribe to daily educational newsletters.
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