Being cheated on by the one that told you how able, worthy and important you are can leave you an eternal feeling of rejection. People cheat for variety of reasons and it has nothing to do with you, your qualities or what you were lacking, though, it seems sad but there are some lessons to be learnt. We all learn lessons in whatever we encounter throughout our lives, some might leave us with beautiful memories and others can leave us with pain that we will forever wish and try very hard to forget, but either ways whether good or bad it will make you a better person. There are some facts that you will learn when you are being cheated on, continue reading to see;


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  1. You will realise that you are stronger than you thought

You have always thought that your life will end without this person but when faced with the issue of break up, you will realize you have more strength than you ever thought. Pulling yourself through all this requires lots of gut and strength, though it will hurt as much as you loved your partner but you will realize its not your fault and you made a very big mistake to be with your partner and you will have faith in yourself because you now know that there is only one person who cannot betray you and that is you.

2. People who love you might end up hurting you

Sometimes you just got to realize and understand that people who love you can also hurt you, they might not want to or mean to but will give in to temptations. People learn the lesson of shame and guilt when they cheat, though not all will because we are not in a perfect world. If a cheater learns his lessons, you will find the strength to forgive even if you cannot trust them again you will learn to forgive them but if they haven’t learnt any lesson then you will learn another lesson about how you can fall for the wrong kind of people.

3. You will understand that sometimes love actually goes to waste

The harsh reality of this world is that sometimes your actions are rewarded and sometimes are just wasted no matter how much you try. You will never be able to figure out why it happened and why you, you can think about it all day but you won’t be able to find the answer, but I have an answer to that, you loved way too much and way too hard. You thought about the future with your partner and gave all that you had but you were still cheated on, you will be hurt but at some point you will realize it happened for the best, you will also realize your worth and that your love needs to be given to someone who will cherish it no matter what.

4. Cheating can take a huge toll on your self esteem

Questions like am I a failure? Will I be alone forever? Was it my fault? Will cloud your mind and bully your confidence. Telling someone who doubts themselves after their whimsical romance just went into flames to just get over it will not make them realize they have to, they will have to get over it themselves. This is when they try to defeat it and not let it affect them anymore, they will fight it with everything and remind themselves anytime they feel low that it wasn’t their fault and they didn’t cheat.

5. You become a better judge of character

You have been though a lot and as such will know what the real world is and what it brings. You will also realize that there are good and bad days and sometimes both in a week. You will become careful with your relationship so you don’t make such mistake of hurting someone the way you have been hurt nor will you give yourself away to get hurt so easily. You will understand the need to establish each others importance and value.

What are those lessons you learnt after been cheated on? Share with us in the comment section below.

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