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Getting that engagement or wedding ring was the best time of your life, and now there is nothing as calming as staring down those diamonds, gold… As they sparkle into your eyes, your heart skips a beat but do you know there are some things you need to do with your wedding ring that you probably aren’t doing? Here are the three important things you need to do with your wedding ring so they would still be as pretty as the day your man went down on one knee and put them on your finger;

*Get Your Priced Jewel Insured

If your better half hasn’t done it already  you need to get your jewelry appraised by a gemologist to know the current market value, Once you’ve done this then the next step is to take it to an insurance company that deals with insuring jewelries or if your main insurance company accepts it as an extension of your home owners policy. Always to try to get your ring appraised every few years to stay on track with the current price value.


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Insuring your ring is very important, so do not fail to put this at the top of your list.

* Take it off with discretion 

There have been cases where women have been known to loose their engagement rings. The best way to hold on to your wedding ring is to keep it on but there are times where we just have to take them off either to clean them or to relieve our fingers. When you want to take off the ring its best you keep it very carefully, best put it back into the box it came with and tuck it in your drawer.


Remember to take it off by the band rather than the head.

*Take It to a professional once a year

Take your wedding ring to a professional and get it cleaned, ask for a steam clean (this would get the dirt, lotion and stains off), a proper polish and ask the jeweler to check for cracks in the shank and hairline also have him/her tighten to the prongs that holds your precious stone.


Taking it for a professional clean once a year keeps it sparkling.

Do you have other ways you protect your wedding ring? Leave your comment in the comment box below.

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