No matter how we are completely in love, things happen that make us realize we need to take a break from our relationships. Sometimes that break is permanent and other times its a temporary thing that is just necessary in making our relationship stronger and having a better chance to succeed. Just like not every couple is meant to be, that is how not all breakups are meant to be either. Getting back to your ex is not an easy decision to take lightly considering the conflicting emotions spinning around inside your head. Before you do make the decision to get back to your ex, here are things you should ask yourself first.


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  1. You guys were the best together: You may have to reconsider if you two were so compatible and you can’t find yourself being with someone else. Do your friends always tell you that you guys were such a cute couple and were best together? You also miss the time you spent with your partner, then you have to rethink your decision.
  2. He’s genuinely sorry: If your partner is man enough to say sorry, then you need to hear him out. He might have hurt you and it took you some weeks to get over it, but if your relationship can be fixed with some talking, then its worth giving your time. Though some things are impossible to get over, but if he is sorry about it, it is a major step forward.
  3. You are miserable: When you were breaking up with your partner, you didn’t expect to be so miserable. You thought it would be fun and you can start a new chapter of your life, but the reverse is the case. Post breaking up life isn’t easy, but if it makes you miserable, consider calling him back.
  4. You are willing to make compromises: If you broke up with your partner for some reasons and you both are willing to come back and settle your differences and making a compromise then you should think of reconsidering your decision.
  5. Time has since passed: It could be that both of you needed some time apart to freshen your minds and discover what you really want or need out of the relationship. They say that we don’t value what you have got until you loss it, time apart can could mature both of you and settle you down, so that you are now ready for the relationship.
  6. The problem isn’t fatal: Sometimes, some problem always seem to difficult to overcome and feels like it can’t be fixed. Before taking a decision ask yourself if the problem you and your partner face is fixable or fatal? Take some time to analyse the situation and figure out a resolution because you might regret it when you break up with your partner over an issue that could have been fixed.
  7. You want the same things now: Sometimes relationships end because you both want different things, but we get older by the day and things changes by the day. If you both want what each other wants then it is worth giving it a try.
  8. What your mum says: You know mums know us more than we know ourselves, Its a good idea to talk to your mum, you don’t have to act on what she says but its worth knowing her thoughts.
  9. You believe in second chances: He might have done something so wrong and bad that it was enough reason for you to end the relationship, but if you believe in giving people second chances you can reconsider your decision. Both of you can as well learn from your mistake and make your relationship stronger.
  10. The grass was not greener: Ending a relationship is liberating at times, you start meeting new people and having fun. Eventually you realize that what you want is not what you are getting outside and none can measure up to your ex, you might want to think of going back to your ex and working on what you had.
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