Men would say that being a man isn’t a day’s job. Well, same thing applies to the woman.  Believe me. It’s not easy being a woman. Besides, we  all are gifted with different body shapes and sizes or height; tall or short. No matter how you have been structured, I believe you understand yourself better than any one does.

Remember when you were young and you saw all those models on tv and the magazine and you couldn’t wait to be like them, you couldn’t wait to have those lengthy legs? Well if you are a shortie like us you would understand this 12 things;


Hello World

Here is a list of things only short women understand;

1. Your tall friends standing next to you in a group picture is not what you bargained for,

2. And now Buying high heels or the highest heels has become your habit.

3. Only short women probably think it’s an injustice when anybody over five inches and above wears high heels. So unfair

4. And the High bar-stools always pose a big problem; the leg-dangle factor, in particular.

5. Talking about bars, how the hell are you supposed to order when all the bartender can see is the tippy-top of your ponytail?

6. You have no idea what’s on the top shelf of your bookcase; you just keep guessing.

7. You sit about six inches from the steering wheel or use a pillow as a lift.

8. You’re used to being called “cute” as a compliment and when you are not called such, it poses a problem for you

9. Dating was always pretty easy because everyone was taller than you and you looked more portable than other ladies out there.

10. You buy shirts with bigger sizes just to make you look big.

11. You don’t understand the rationale behind stacking the smallest Jeans at the top of the shelf.

12. you wonder why a chorus of “awwwn” come when you name your shoe size.

Only the short woman knows these.

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