Putting other people’s need and wants before yours is common in ladies especially when it has to do with someone they love, all because you feel insecure you will want to put your head over heels for someone you love. But the logic is, if you don’t get conscious of yourself in time, you might lose a part of yourself and that means you will be losing who you are. There are certain things ladies shouldn’t do for a man, it doesn’t mean they don’t love you but they just want to be themselves and not somebody else. Ladies, don’t do the five things below for a man or anyone else;

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  1. Compromise your passion: Nobody else will regret it if you leave any dreams behind because it is your life and no one should get in the way of your goals. Your partner should support your endeavors, putting an opportunity or idea on a hold might seem good at that moment but the future is never secured.
  2. Let him change who you are: If you decide to make some self adjustment, it should be for the better and not changing for anyone. Your partner should like you for who you are and not change you to what he wants.
  3. Cancelling already made plans: You can reschedule your plans if something important creeps in but not when you are doing it just to be with him. If he respects you, he will wait to catch up with you another time.
  4. Change your appearance: Making physical changes should be because you want them and not because you want to get the attention of someone else. You partner should not force you to adjust the way you look for their interest, he should love you for you but if your style of hair or your weight irritates him, then he is not with you for the right reasons.
  5. Wait for his approval: Strong women do not wait for instructions, they play their rules. You are grown enough to take decisions that is best for you, so stop waiting for approval from someone else, go ahead with your decisions.

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