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You’d agree with me that we ladies are just like butterflies; we love flaunting colours a lot. Wait a minute! Tell me what a lady’s world would have been without colours? In fact, the fashion world generally wouldn’t have been fun without the diverse colours we have.

Creativity is one good quality of a stylish lady; you could take what you see into your fashion world. Being creative on nails is one thing I cherish the most in a lady thus, some nail arts are  inspired by fabric and wallpaper designs. These gorgeous pink, yellow and grey floral nails are inspired by this floral wall paper design;

Floal 0


Hello World

This is how to  achieve these wallpaper inspired floral nails. Start by painting a pale pink or cream base colour and leave to dry. Also take a dark pink polish and paint rough circles on some of your nails.

Floral 1

Step one

Using a few pink nail polish varying from dark to light shade, add depth and turn the pink circles into blooms. Lightly sweep small stokes inside the pink circles you painted in the first step, making sure you wipe excess polish from the polish brush.
Floral 2

Step two

To create some yellow tone flowers, take a lemon nail polish and apply several circles to alternate nails. Sweep on some darker colours in peach and pink.

Floral 3

Step 3

Make your final floral designs starting with grey circles and apply more pink and white highlights using the same petal stroke technique.

Floral 4

Step four

Complete your flower design by adding the green leaves; take a dark and light green polish and dab around the flowers to bring the whole design together. Seal well with top coat to protect it!

Floral nails

I’m sure you’d continue admiring your nails all through the day.

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