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Should you hold back until your kids are older in order to give them the best start or enroll them in school as soon as they come of age?

Well, if your child is born between January and April, then you will probably go through the unenviable process of deciding whether to send your child to school or wait for another year. As if that decision is not hard enough without everyone else having an opinion on it too, it now seems that everyone thinks they know best about whether or not you should hold back your child. So how do you make sense of it all? How do you do what is right for your child? How do you know what is best for your little divas?

On the flip side, you’ll have to decide what choice of outfit to have them rock always. It’s not enough to consider their other needs without putting their outfits into proper consideration. Remember your mind is equally at rest when they appear exclusively beautiful, in whatever way they choose to appear in, be it in the African or English style.

Have you ever imagined you were just busy admiring this very cute baby you saw in an event and just when the admiration was growing stronger, you saw the owner of the child come carry his or her baby, leaving you itching to have more of that baby? If yes, then imagine you were the owner of that lovely baby! Certainly, you’d be full of pride for your little one because you took time out to select fantastic fashion pieces for your child.

Now if you are wondering what outfits should go for your kids always? Here are the kiddies styles that your kids should stick to always;

Angel’s snow flakes

Hello World

Prince Jamen

Princess Marley




These kiddies styles a picks for every fashionable mum!

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