The top and the bottom has to be appropriate, there’s no stressing that however it has to look pretty cool. As a fashionista, knowing what to wear to every function add’s a couple of stars under your belt and one of the easiest places you could dress to is the church however some people still find that hard to pull off.

There are several routes you could choose when you are dressing to church… for example you can try to go a bit quirky with your choice of ensembles. An example of this type of style has to be this this look below, several pops of colour and patterns. The combination is a delight and its fun too.


Hello World

The manner of how you dress to church all depends on the denomination in which you find yourself. However you have to remember that there are specifics to dressing up. For one modesty does not negate sloppiness, it means looking priceless in outfits that are cool but don’t expose areas of your body that might make others distracted.

The one thing you should also put in mind when you are picking up church outfits is “Comfort”.  You have to be comfortable in church or else you would be distracted and a distraction because while you fuss over your outfit people would turn to look at you and thus you have caused a ruckus.

This Sunday to avoid all of the above we have below some cool church outfit ideas you could try;







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