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Every mum guides her daughter. As always, a mum is her daughter’s first teacher, her best friend, confidant, and biggest fan. Besides, any mum who has dimmed it fit to teach her little girl some beauty tips will always be remembered by her; she’ll miss her every day, think of her constantly, and be very grateful for everything that she always had always done for her, especially the support she had given her.

A stylish mum who is a great beauty lover will make it a great point of duty to take great care of herself and strive to look good at all times. There are beauty routines you’d learn from such a mum. This reminds me of how I always longed for the red lipstick on my mum’s lips. These are the mum-approved beauty secrets you’d want to follow ASAP;

1. Religiously moisturize: Your skin is your canvas thus, you have to take great care of it in the morning as well as in the evenings without skipping any steps. Therefore, moisturize your face and your body religiously.

mom1 Moisturize-Religiously


Hello World

2. Cleanse always: Without considering how tired you are or how late it is, do well to remove every makeup before going to bed. This will help keep your face fresh and acne free. The best way to do this has always been to remove all impurities on your face at the end of each day with a calming face wash or wipes formulated for sensitive skin.

mom2 Always-Cleanse


3. Weekly hair treatments: As the frame of your face, your hair needs to be kept healthy by pampering it weekly. A weekly hair treatment mask goes well on your head. You can also go for home made hair treatments such as avocado and mayonnaise, or get yourself a professional treatment at the saloon.

mom3 Weekly-Hair-Treatments-Go-Long-Way

Hair treatment

4. Lots of water intake: No fluid can measure up with water because water is life. If possible, always carry a large bottle of water wherever go, or easily get yourself drinking water out there. If you truly desire a beautiful skin, bright eyes, and stay hydrated always, get them naturally with enough water intake. It will make you focused and healthy.

mom4 Drink-Lots-Water

Water intake

5. Concentrate on being happy: Every mum’s most important beauty secret is; smile from within. Always keep smiling, inside and out. Happiness is contagious thus, fill your heart and your soul with it. Cultivate the positive side of life, and surround yourself with joyful people who will give you excellent energy and will not bring you down. When you are happy inside, it will show on the outside. Happiness not only makes your face more relaxed, but your skin glows as well.

mom5 Concentrate-Being-Happy

Being happy

Feel the fun with these useful mum-approved beauty secrets. Remember, if you are beautiful inside, it will show on the outside!

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