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So I was tasked with selecting the most casual pieces for my sister. She was tired of what she had in her closet which she referred as pieces that were mostly for work. The selection she wanted were pieces that reflected her personality as well as the looks that she could almost never wear to work except under a casual circumstance. There was also the need for it to be low maintenance and so it was more away from white and lighter colours and a lot of focus on darker tones. Then the final and most important quality – Comfort – this was key and was a necessity for every single piece picked.


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Now generally judging by my sister’s personality what she consider’s very casual is probably 70% athleisure wear and 30% other’s. Our idea’s of comfort casual was also different, I could wear a soft cotton body fitting cloth and refer to that as casual and she would not really want something like that, not that she lacked them but it’s just something she doesn’t go to 90% of the time. Now with all these thigs to consider I had to start by getting he athleisure like pieces first – this was easy of cause everyone is into athleisure pieced these days so there’s a lot of those at the clothing market however we set out for the other 30% non-athleisure and there in lie’s the problem, however we found great compromises; we went with texture’s – shimmers, a dose of sequin and some special details.

Thanks to this style consulting experiences I have here and there, I am able to share these tips with you and also back them up with images that would help you along the way. I do hope you found my exploring mind interesting today.

Casual Styles







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