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There are some small brownish spots we sometimes see on our faces or other parts of the skin. These are freckles. They do not cause harm as the skin cells here are perfectly normal, but your skin doesn’t look fine. Light skinned people generally get more freckles than people with darker complexions. But if your parents had freckles, then you are going to have them, too.



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These are the  ideal ways to conquer in the freckles battle ;

1. Prevent them from appearing:Wear hats with wide brims, long sleeved shirts and long pants, so as to protect your skin from the sun. Avoid going outside when the sun is too high since this is the time when you get the most uv radiation. Try to stay in the shade as much as possible.

2.Lemon Juice: Gently bleach skin by applying juice from fresh squeezed lemons onto the freckled areas. Be very careful to keep the juice out of your eyes. Leave the juice on for ten to fifteen minutes and then wash off with warm water. Do this twice daily for several weeks.

3.Strawberries and cucumber: Use mashed strawberries and cucumbers for a facial mask that will cause a peel. The natural agents in the fruit are very gentle to the skin. The layer of skin underneath will be lighter in color.

4.Moisturizing honey and lemon: Honey adds moisture to whatever it is applied to. It is also natural lightening agents. When combined with lemon juice, freckles permanently disappear. This should be used daily on skin.

5. Castor Oil : Apply castor oil on face at bedtime, leaving it overnight. Wash it off in the morning . This fades freckles fast.

These truly, are the ideal ways to conquer in the freckles battle.

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